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Pingu 16 tundi tagasi
why is youtube recommending this 5 years later???
Usman Zeeshan
Usman Zeeshan 16 tundi tagasi
I have sony xperia c3 2014 model in 2020 and i am so lucky 😍😍😍
Akshay Prasad
Akshay Prasad 16 tundi tagasi
What if Google and OnePlus partnered together and made the 1 fantastic phone?
Dilshan Hewawitharana
Dilshan Hewawitharana 16 tundi tagasi
Looking at this again in 2020 OMG 😆
Khalid Hasan Zibon
Khalid Hasan Zibon 16 tundi tagasi
That intro music was dope.
ThatCrazyBitttcchh X
ThatCrazyBitttcchh X 16 tundi tagasi
Lol if I’m giving you my money, at least give me some damn ear phones 😂
Bisho girgis
Bisho girgis 16 tundi tagasi
ferhattje 16 tundi tagasi
Ok google just fixed the battery issue. Its time to buy an pixel with the pure android experience.
dfsdf ssdfsesddf
dfsdf ssdfsesddf 16 tundi tagasi
i think its $250 too expansive
Yedhu Krishna
Yedhu Krishna 16 tundi tagasi
Is it bulky?
Sarthak Agarwal
Sarthak Agarwal 17 tundi tagasi
Make the thumbnail High Five , it is more suitable 😂
Chris Antoniou
Chris Antoniou 17 tundi tagasi
6:00 you can go to more Apps or pental Search and you can find every app
Greg John Watchman
Greg John Watchman 17 tundi tagasi
I still have a Sony Xperia S LT26i, still works. But there’s no presence of Sony smartphones anymore, I know they exist but don’t know one person with one 🤷🏻‍♂️ Maybe a celeb endorsement would work?
HatchedCoast 17 tundi tagasi
Watching this on my 12
Mashrafe Rahman
Mashrafe Rahman 17 tundi tagasi
My dream phone...but can't afford 🙂💔
Vola Kola
Vola Kola 17 tundi tagasi
Sony phones had heat problem with camera in india ....which made it absolute in india .
Phanthorng Vorn
Phanthorng Vorn 17 tundi tagasi
Where is charging adapter?
Linyvo AndHja
Linyvo AndHja 17 tundi tagasi
I'm so glad that we switched the s7 for a s7+ instead... We love this tablet, the screen is amazing!!
Boris Rw
Boris Rw 17 tundi tagasi
Bleeding edge technology
Fela Kawlni
Fela Kawlni 17 tundi tagasi
Google may do better if they offload the Hardware part to other specialist company and contribute only the software part!!! Imagine...
Live Vibration
Live Vibration 17 tundi tagasi
Spenser 17 tundi tagasi
That cold weather effect is a dealbreaker for me. Especially something as pricey as this.
Kingshuk Monsur
Kingshuk Monsur 17 tundi tagasi
Overpriced phone the only God in this budget range is Xiaomi
A1cJ_YT 17 tundi tagasi
The thumbnail is a true work of art
Garfield Yim
Garfield Yim 17 tundi tagasi
Blake Sanbrook
Blake Sanbrook 17 tundi tagasi
Me: 1080p60 Hmm seems legit. Checks res: 2160p max!? MY PHONES 4 YEARS OLD
Lime Bear
Lime Bear 17 tundi tagasi
EEpost be like uh well she has watched all his videos so uh yeah well show her one from 7 years ago lol
Ashish Prakash
Ashish Prakash 17 tundi tagasi
Last part of the video is funny. Every phone has magsafe😂
David Ridenour
David Ridenour 17 tundi tagasi
I will never buy a pixel again. My experience has been awful, I've had a 2xl, 3xl, and 4xl and they've all been huge pieces of shit. Dead screens. Dead pixels. Buggy UI. Dead charging ports. SEVERAL dead batteries. Last time my pixel got swapped for a S20 from Asurion when the battery started showing 50% and wouldn't charge. And I'll never go back.
harunotodoroki 17 tundi tagasi
but 1 still prefer a larger screen
Jonas61233 17 tundi tagasi
why did this pop up in my recommended in 25/10/2020
dgrabilero 17 tundi tagasi
Zhangy 17 tundi tagasi
mate40 pro spyware
Ted_wil 17 tundi tagasi
I saw the golf game and I thought... I like wii sports better
Nyi Nyi
Nyi Nyi 17 tundi tagasi
Waiting for Giveaway Iphone12😁
Antss Skatesalot
Antss Skatesalot 17 tundi tagasi
Liked for 4:20 in the thumbnail.
Jibrail[UJ] mc
Jibrail[UJ] mc 17 tundi tagasi
That screen is more cleaner than Marq's hairline.
Shreyas Joshi
Shreyas Joshi 17 tundi tagasi
MKBHD: I can't keep calling out ppl *Continues to call out ppl*
Steve Willis
Steve Willis 17 tundi tagasi
Every Sony phone I've had has been so bad I promised myself I would never have another. That's why I don't buy Sony phones
Salman N
Salman N 17 tundi tagasi
This video is recommended in my EEpost feed 🙄.. Ok I got it , iPhone 5s and iPhone 12 - Same same but different 😆🔥🔥🔥
n3bula42 17 tundi tagasi
at 60 frames that card is rendering over 1900 mexapixels every SECOND
Zac Rosamond
Zac Rosamond 17 tundi tagasi
I have a OnePlus 6t - the 'flagship killer'... 😂
Joseph M. Afonne
Joseph M. Afonne 17 tundi tagasi
Keep inspiring.
Mukeem Masoori
Mukeem Masoori 17 tundi tagasi
I was buy Sony Xperia Z5 Dual but battery backup not good And back glass broken 😢 And I promise myself never buy Expensive mobile Again 😂
Connor Ellis
Connor Ellis 17 tundi tagasi
I literally didn't buy it as it took too long to come out. So I brought the Samsung Note 20 Ultra
Sain Raj
Sain Raj 17 tundi tagasi
Because its not available nearby...
a 17 tundi tagasi
Technically I don't need this phone.
Inderjot class-X section-j Roll no-8
Inderjot class-X section-j Roll no-8 17 tundi tagasi
Apple gay
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 17 tundi tagasi
I really miss steve jobs Apple was so innovative back then because of him You can tell they’ve been running out of ideas for years
Noir Osain
Noir Osain 17 tundi tagasi
It's pretty DARK 😟
Sarthak Godiyal
Sarthak Godiyal 17 tundi tagasi
Please help me raise fund for our short film project called 2 Stroke : Love Affair it a short film on restoring and taking a 1999 rx135 on the Himalayan trail please help me in making the project into reality @t
Oski 17 tundi tagasi
Why no google apps? Dont ask me; ask china that question. LOL
Donz Saqi
Donz Saqi 17 tundi tagasi
It's just iPhone 5 with bigger screen & more cameras 😂
John Appleseed
John Appleseed 17 tundi tagasi
I once watched this on an iPhone 7
LazyKid MINECRAFT 17 tundi tagasi
i am annoyed they removed it i had so much fun with it
Farhan Zahoor
Farhan Zahoor 17 tundi tagasi
n now it is being released in 2022
shahin khacbaz
shahin khacbaz 17 tundi tagasi
which one for web developer 2020 HP Envy x360 2in1 15.6" FHD Touch-Screen Newest Flagship Laptop, AMD Ryzen 7 4700U 8-core(Beat i9-8950HK, up to 4.1GHz), 16GB Memory, 1TB PCIe SSD, Fast Charge, Backlit-KB or HP Envy x360 2-in-1 15.6" FHD Touchscreen Laptop Computer, Intel Core i7-10510U, 32GB RAM, 1TB PCIe SSD, Intel UHD Graphics, B&O Audio, HD Webcam, USB-C, Win 10, Silve or Dell - Inspiron 14 7000 2-in-1 - 14" Touch-Screen Laptop - AMD Ryzen 7 - 16GB Memory - 512GB SSD - Sandstorm thaks for your respond
Thomas Dixon
Thomas Dixon 17 tundi tagasi
Wow 5g, its not like samsung has had that for over a year now..
Juan Carlos Fontana Fontana
Juan Carlos Fontana Fontana 17 tundi tagasi
Because is sony and no phony.
How Way
How Way 17 tundi tagasi
Sony had a very big share of phones. But it went down pretty fast. Also the names are horrible
Shashank Nanda
Shashank Nanda 17 tundi tagasi
Honest Review!
RodTechUnboxing AndroidRod
RodTechUnboxing AndroidRod 17 tundi tagasi
Ram and Internal Camera and Battery👌
Mj Magbayao
Mj Magbayao 17 tundi tagasi
ihope ihave any iphone for my sister for her online class
sisam singh
sisam singh 17 tundi tagasi
This phone is like mini powerhouse for a normal user
Itz M4rtin
Itz M4rtin 17 tundi tagasi
For me the note 20 is a note 20 Lite phone.
Sidhu 7
Sidhu 7 17 tundi tagasi
But the Charger 🔌 Hub by that the whole planet environment is Saved 😂
Alan Hunt
Alan Hunt 17 tundi tagasi
Bought a sony xperia a few years ago, it was a waterproof phone with a magnetic charging clip, the magnetic section on the phone came away and then the screen started lifting from the unit a quick search on sony's website determined it was 'not a manufacturing fault' and so they lost a customer, I would personally never ever trust the quality of a sony product again, sony's brand was once known for it's quality, those day's are long gone.
How Way
How Way 17 tundi tagasi
I had a other Sony phone the quality was also bad. The company isn't even bad only the phones are. Like the PlayStation and the cameras has a very good quality
loecaas 17 tundi tagasi
when ur phone cant run 8k
Aashish Kumar
Aashish Kumar 17 tundi tagasi
I definitely get it before 2021 , but I don't know how , I leave it on universe !
iSuRRendeReDuK 17 tundi tagasi
Wow...a phone...does it take pictures too, and video, internet, apps, games and phone calls....? Mine too and I only paid £30 and I got a charger and a usb also I can buy my parts anywere without voiding my warrenty.
furbs 17 tundi tagasi
I wouldn't take it for free.
Вячеслав Пак
Вячеслав Пак 17 tundi tagasi
No, I can't
huda wasim
huda wasim 17 tundi tagasi
Nothing new ... more money without adapter and headphones...
Shabbir Foplankar
Shabbir Foplankar 17 tundi tagasi
Charger is essential who keeps the old one. Buying iPhone without a charger is useless
Demos Lagoudakis
Demos Lagoudakis 17 tundi tagasi
Most interesting youtuber ever
PROU GAEMR 17 tundi tagasi
Shit his right.
10K subscibers without Videos challenge
10K subscibers without Videos challenge 17 tundi tagasi
Hey, how are you everyone
TheHassan2098 17 tundi tagasi
Who else saw 420 in the thumbnail? 👀
The BIG Channel
The BIG Channel 17 tundi tagasi
If you are saying 2017 Why this this released a year later?
The BIG Channel
The BIG Channel 17 tundi tagasi
The Video
Julian Daly
Julian Daly 17 tundi tagasi
Let’s not buy into the non existent enhancements/ upgrade/ features, iPhones haven’t really changed since the 8 IMO, we need something that wows us not curved edges and it can stand on its own, mind blowing... yawn 🥱