2021 Tesla Model S Refresh Reaction!

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Marques Brownlee

Місяць tagasi

Honest thoughts on a LOT of new stuff, and why I won't be ordering a Plaid Model S 👀
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Nimus Designs
Nimus Designs Tund tagasi
Why is it that Tesla guys are not selling cars in Africa???? I love the car but I can't get it in Kenya
Ceferov İlkin
Ceferov İlkin 5 tundi tagasi
Year : 2030 Tesla Model S : 0-60 mph in 0.1 second.
T J 8 tundi tagasi
Transitioning into the future is kind of scary...
Amaris Hyatt
Amaris Hyatt 13 tundi tagasi
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Drew Andersen
Drew Andersen 15 tundi tagasi
Yokes will subconsciously force people to lay both hands on the wheel. It’s far safer. It’s also safer during accidents as the top doesn’t bend your neck back on impact. More control than a full wheel as well and allows for more versatile (X, Y, and Z) positioning.
Light2Earth 20 tundi tagasi
If doge coin reaches 20$ I’ll get two of them
Kzn Nzn
Kzn Nzn Päev tagasi
Im more interested in cybertruck and roadster and tesla model 2 as potential purchase option anything else doesnt matter. now they need to step up reliability seriously
G S Päev tagasi
It guesses if you want Drive or Reverse!!!! Bwahahahahaha!
Parth Agrawal
Parth Agrawal Päev tagasi
Pramod 😂😂😂
RodStiffinton Päev tagasi
I’ve never watched you before. You are very knowledgeable and have a smooth delivery. I’ve gone down the Tesla rabbit hole starting with the 3, now the S, and now we’re talking roadster. You must have a couple coins in the bank. Congrats on your success
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Päev tagasi
One thing I didn't like about the model 3 is the big horizontal scrren Now on the new model s Disappointment
Alexander Murcia
Alexander Murcia Päev tagasi
The point is to get people to not know how to drive so eventually all cars drive them selves and we are just passengers smh 1984
International Nature News
International Nature News Päev tagasi
8:14 Active nose cancelation 🤣😂🤣
Patricia Emerson Mitchell
Patricia Emerson Mitchell Päev tagasi
Hoping that we can opt for a traditional steering wheel. Totally agree with what you say.
Felix Samulevich
Felix Samulevich Päev tagasi
If more to tell the critical moments of magnetic ray field coming in a moments of braking and acceleration and it is room behind of a driver and it is the same point as supposed to be most safety room for passenger occupation, whatever old they can be , The most negative influence and after effects spreads to inner organ of children . (for example time of development of people liver going until 14 years and before end of formation it is very fragile .) Scientific research show so electromagnetic field develop disorder development of embryos so it is by logic can be very problematic and serious aftereffects .
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Päev tagasi
Felix Samulevich
Felix Samulevich Päev tagasi
On the level of sells low frequency electromagnetic fluctuation lead to he situation when sells absorb ions charge. As a result disorder of chemical process, tissues cease stop reserve oxygen supply, people becomes lethargic, and lose orientation on the variable level, The combination of all this factors not to be wonder can lead to cancer sooner or
Natalie Walters
Natalie Walters Päev tagasi
So basically this car has a mind of its own and I shouldn’t try to tell it what to do?
Myles Dobson
Myles Dobson Päev tagasi
Save your money and experience the 0-100 times as a passenger for free. and in time buy 100 model s’
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 2 päeva tagasi
I was looking at buying an early-to-mid-2010s Honda Accord and it had active noise cancellation.
gonza 1
gonza 1 2 päeva tagasi
What happens in few years the car breaks down will it be expensive to fix seems like parts would be hard to find
mister smith
mister smith 2 päeva tagasi
Said the guy that knows nothing about cars.
I love you but
I love you but 2 päeva tagasi
Have fun using that steering wheel in a difficult situation This is clearly design over function
I love you but
I love you but Päev tagasi
@bcvbb hyui I am definitely sure! Does the PS5 even exist at this point?
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 2 päeva tagasi
I'm pretty sure you can get this before you can get a PS5
Jeremy link
Jeremy link 2 päeva tagasi
Hey i agree drive selector is a must. And this whole idea of total automation is not all roses. I love to drive. Driver assist is one thing but to have no say whatever is not my fancy.
Mitchell Scripter
Mitchell Scripter 2 päeva tagasi
im starting to think the batteries wont be a issue anymore in electric vehicles. that's impressive range and speed.
firexl007 2 päeva tagasi
Tesla S-hole refresh S-stand for shit 🤣🤣🤣
Mega Mac
Mega Mac 2 päeva tagasi
DBA 2 päeva tagasi
One thing I didn't like about the model 3 is the big horizontal scrren Now on the new model s Disappointment
A P 2 päeva tagasi
Awful. This is trying to combine human decision and automated decision. It won’t ever happen. It can’t happen. Either make the car fully automated or completely not. Don’t mix both.
M.J.A 2 päeva tagasi
New profile is awesome
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 3 päeva tagasi
When vin Diesel drives the car : " where the hell is reverse gear🤯"
ThePceee 3 päeva tagasi
Software-based noise cancellation seems like a cheap crutch compared to real noise insulation. Drivetrain is absolutely sick tho
muscle factory
muscle factory 3 päeva tagasi
When vin Diesel drives the car : " where the hell is reverse gear🤯"
Samuel Roque
Samuel Roque 3 päeva tagasi
Tbh tesla isn't the first auto manufacturer to have active noice cancellation. Audi also have it in the A8 and S8. It was so good that you could get carsick because it was so quiet. They made it better now so that you still here the right frequencies so you don't get sick. Still it's nice to see tesla coming with these features that all the luxury cars have!
Samuel Roque
Samuel Roque 3 päeva tagasi
Yes that's pretty nice.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 3 päeva tagasi
I can drink my favorite beverage and the car will auto drive me home....I like that
Rytis Liaučys
Rytis Liaučys 3 päeva tagasi
No physical gear selector is a HUGE safety issue. Seriously, if you wanna back out of a yard real quick and start driving, and there's a car approaching, you really dont want to be playing with a darn touchscreen.
socialunderground 3 päeva tagasi
You guys are out of a lot of merch.
Bo McGillacutty
Bo McGillacutty 3 päeva tagasi
I NEED to spin steering wheel in my hands--yoke is a BAD joke. I need to be able to instantly override *every* computer choice, forward reverse left right stop go...won't touch it otherwise.
Alexander Zaiarnyi
Alexander Zaiarnyi 3 päeva tagasi
I'm pretty sure you can get this before you can get a PS5
Charlie Fajita
Charlie Fajita 3 päeva tagasi
Dodge is coming for that 1/4 mile
evil Bunny
evil Bunny 3 päeva tagasi
wow 13 minutes of advertisement .. not a single meter moved in the car ... just WOW
Pocapontas 3 päeva tagasi
My fucking god... Cars have become so boring. It's a smartphone taxi...
Xavier Yarroch
Xavier Yarroch 3 päeva tagasi
NOOO THE 69,420
lit content
lit content 3 päeva tagasi
He got his seat belt on and aint going nowhere lol
Zarx 3 päeva tagasi
steering wheel looking like a blob fish
Why_it 3 päeva tagasi
anc i want
Daddy Days
Daddy Days 3 päeva tagasi
Love it
Luke P
Luke P 3 päeva tagasi
RIP 69
Novica Vukobratovic
Novica Vukobratovic 3 päeva tagasi
Wait, didn't this guy have over 50m + subs ?
DCM SR 4 päeva tagasi
I can drink my favorite beverage and the car will auto drive me home....I like that
Kamil Kurzynowski
Kamil Kurzynowski 4 päeva tagasi
A8 has active noise canceling...
Jelly Beans
Jelly Beans 4 päeva tagasi
Teslas suck
J.R. Arnolli
J.R. Arnolli 3 päeva tagasi
Suck how? Suck what? Suck who? Explain!
Elijah Ampumuza
Elijah Ampumuza 4 päeva tagasi
RIP to the chrome...XD
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 4 päeva tagasi
Yeah these Teslas coming out ain’t playin’
FirstPlayer 5 päeva tagasi
Me: ok I want to reverse now Tesla: NOPE!
john groves
john groves 5 päeva tagasi
Watch my video
Thivindu Senarathne
Thivindu Senarathne 5 päeva tagasi
You should check the VEGA EVX super car made in Sri Lanka
gino enas
gino enas 5 päeva tagasi
Sorry Marques, I think you are too old for the car, besides you do not understand its contents, or what is actually the car able to do. You would be better off talking about ICE cars, they are more up to your alley, sorry Marques no offence meant. The car is so many years ahead of any existing car that a few people like you fail to really appreciate it , so do not feel bad. I mean let us really have a close look at it and the miracle it is able to perform. The fastest F 1 formula car cover the 0 to 60 in 2.2 seconds, while this family sedan that seats 5 people comfortably and is going to be even used also to take the children to school by some old grand pa or ma, cover the same distance in 0.3 second faster. Can we imagine how much joy those giggling kids will get, looking forward to get their joy ride on the way to school every day? And how many new friends will gather around them asking all kind of question. Marques, I have my sight on you, a Tesla enemy considering what they are doing to men kind enhancement, are my enemies. You are free to criticize the car, after all we must respect every one opinion, but do not dare shit on the car because you fail to appreciate what it means to us all.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 4 päeva tagasi
positions your hands so there is less chance of injury in the event of the airbag being deployed. Having this type of steering yoke forces your hands to the safer 9 and 3 positio
Giraffe_lover 5 päeva tagasi
For the Yoke, word is the steering wheel will now only turn 180 degrees, versus 270+ degrees with an old steering wheel. So now I have to unlearn 50 years of driving muscle memory! LOL.
Konix Twenty
Konix Twenty 5 päeva tagasi
Your analysis is very good. Everything is right on. I think the yoke is a terrible idea. And also the shifter should be physical. Otherwise the car is beginning to feel like some kind of a 3-D render all around
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 5 päeva tagasi
Everyone: You can't reinvent the wheel!. Tesla : Hold my Steering 😎
Mike Rockey
Mike Rockey 5 päeva tagasi
reviewing a car he has never seen yeah right
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 5 päeva tagasi
Steering wheel BIG NO for me! Im one of those who likes to rest my hands on top 😠
Katarina Hiya
Katarina Hiya 5 päeva tagasi
yo marques check out hyundai Ioniq 5 it looks bad ass
99sparso 6 päeva tagasi
America: YAY BIG STRAIGHT ROADS, GRID PLANS, AND AUTOMATIC CARS! Rest of the world: You guys know what a clutch and a narrow road with a bend in it is?
Alessio Spada
Alessio Spada 6 päeva tagasi
I don't trust enought the direction my GPS suggests OR the words my keyboard suggests... Why should I trust a fully automatic gearbox that select the direction by it's own?
Aditya Bhandari
Aditya Bhandari 6 päeva tagasi
martin urquia
martin urquia 6 päeva tagasi
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 6 päeva tagasi
2:59 Steering wheel looks like a koala face with big ol cheeks
Rohan Amor
Rohan Amor 6 päeva tagasi
Damn, I hope tesla have a feature of changing the logo at the front, coz going out there in the near town public with this car would stand out so much and highly become a target to steal
bru bru lani
bru bru lani 6 päeva tagasi
Tesla uses blood batteries. Glencore
G Montenegro
G Montenegro 6 päeva tagasi
This guy has no imagination. You don’t know how screen tilt works? You don’t understand how the car’s intelligence knows if you should drive forward or reverse? Good grief.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 6 päeva tagasi
The subsequent hail clasically terrify because burst prognostically obtain after a flaky jute. nostalgic, hissing girl
Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor 6 päeva tagasi
Telsa come out like iPhones
Joey-Jo-jo Jr. Shabidoo
Joey-Jo-jo Jr. Shabidoo 6 päeva tagasi
I'm not sure about the yoke steering wheel - making a tight corner and not having part of the wheel to grab hold of could take some getting use to. On the other hand, it might be a bit safer - many people (myself included) were taught the 10 and 2 hand positions on the steering wheel, however this is being replaced by the 9 and 3 with the reason being it positions your hands so there is less chance of injury in the event of the airbag being deployed. Having this type of steering yoke forces your hands to the safer 9 and 3 position.
armen berejiklian
armen berejiklian 7 päeva tagasi
Gurjot S
Gurjot S 7 päeva tagasi
are these cars reliable? I always wonder how it will be 5-10 years down the road
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 7 päeva tagasi
Yeah these Teslas coming out ain’t playin’
Peace Ninja
Peace Ninja 7 päeva tagasi
Steering wheel BIG NO for me! Im one of those who likes to rest my hands on top 😠
skm M
skm M 7 päeva tagasi
Everyone: You can't reinvent the wheel!. Tesla : Hold my Steering 😎
Andrew Oskam
Andrew Oskam 7 päeva tagasi
ANC (active noise cancellation) is a dangerous feature as it potentially removes any audio cues to emergecy services or pedestrians and other dangerous obstacles.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 7 päeva tagasi
it's the PS5 edition
James Scott
James Scott 7 päeva tagasi
Few things as exciting as a car overriding the autonomy of the driver....said no one ever.
Erick Jones
Erick Jones 7 päeva tagasi
I thought u would drive :/
DE EU 7 päeva tagasi
IIlIlIlIII 7 päeva tagasi
i dunno about that one chief lol
inger louise
inger louise 7 päeva tagasi
i think getting rid of the stalks is the dumbest idea any car manufacturer has ever had, and i’m not too sure about the steering wheel either. i’m the kind of person who drives at 10 & 2, so my hands are always on the top of the wheel. 🤷🏼‍♀️
FLHCv2 7 päeva tagasi
I'm only here to say.... Please don't do reaction videos.
조수형 8 päeva tagasi
The subsequent hail clasically terrify because burst prognostically obtain after a flaky jute. nostalgic, hissing girl
Dom Dom
Dom Dom 8 päeva tagasi
for that kind of steering wheel to work all the base need to move, some kind of pull-push mechanism while steering like in a jet fighter otherwise wont work. even the guess direction can work actually some kind of advanced self parking but like always active.
youtube account
youtube account 8 päeva tagasi
the steering wheel is dogshit sorry Elon
Mickey Jaymz
Mickey Jaymz 8 päeva tagasi
Starlink is going to make cars autonomous. There will be satellites passing overhead every 5 minutes.
Malachi Cook
Malachi Cook 8 päeva tagasi
I love driving, and I also love Teslas. I pray to the car gods that that steering wheel never sees production. Or, if it does and is somehow legal, it's an "upgrade" option. Forward tech is cool, and we should never stop coming up with new ideas and visions, but for the love of all that's holy - do not take away stalks and physical climate controls...I actually want to buy one of these someday. 500+ miles and 0-60 in less than 2 seconds...hell tartan yes
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 8 päeva tagasi
"But how we're going to keep our arms rested while on the road, without the top of the steering wheel?" Self-driving robot: am I a joke to you?
Utku Ozen
Utku Ozen 8 päeva tagasi
I thought you are going to drive the car. Wasted my time
LJC 8 päeva tagasi
“Active noise cancellation” Fire trucks and EMS Vehicles: “Am I a joke to you?”
Matias Savolainen
Matias Savolainen 5 päeva tagasi
The algorithm is more than likely able to detect those :)
Nick Siekierski
Nick Siekierski 8 päeva tagasi
it's the PS5 edition
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 8 päeva tagasi
Can’t drive with one hand anymore
Searg Bell
Searg Bell 8 päeva tagasi
Wonder how the cyber truck will do
Kody Olerud
Kody Olerud 8 päeva tagasi
Oh how I hope to one day be able to afford one of these vehicles 😩
Bullboski 8 päeva tagasi
The steering wheel is from Knight Rider.
Fume 8 päeva tagasi
Bruh that steering wheel got a face on it
Louie Cafarella
Louie Cafarella 8 päeva tagasi
I was thinking of getting a Tesla. But I live in snowy Buffalo NY. How are they in the snow?
Ronsted 2 päeva tagasi
They're popular in norway, so should be good. Do expect some range loss when its colder though, but I don't think it's too bad as long as it has a heat pump.
Arnolds IOS
Arnolds IOS 8 päeva tagasi
Auto manufacturers have been doing the same thing for decades. if anyone is going to change the game its going to be Tesla. A lot of people scoffed at Auto pilot and now folks are putting their trust in it. I feel the same for this new feature of "guesses what direction you need to go". We need to wait and see if its truly a good or bad thing. Also, F1 cars have that steering wheel for a reason. Take this with a grain of salt but it may force people to be better drivers. If you have control over your steering wheel that's how you SHOULD have your hands for optimal control. So I'm actually excited to see Tesla make this change. Same with Manual Transmission: it forces you to use all limbs and effectively force you to pay more attention to the road, as opposed to an automatic car that essentially only requires two points of contact to maintain your speed; gas/break pedal and one handed steering. I love innovation and Tesla is doing it! Great review and thoughts on the new updates :)
Bear Bones Phones
Bear Bones Phones 8 päeva tagasi
Finally cant get bitched at about where we going to dinner with the wife, I can blame the car.
SuperStar's FastCars!
SuperStar's FastCars! 8 päeva tagasi
All these things sound pretty dangerous to me 😆. You can’t turn hand over hand. You can’t make a quick 3 point turn in an emergency. And you can’t hear any outside noise. 🤔. Sounds like car insurance will be too much to afford!
Vin 8 päeva tagasi
Now you’re sport car expert! LAMO
CreoleRep7 8 päeva tagasi
Holy fucking shit. Less than 1.99 seconds... That steering wheel... No gear selector... Fuck me, this is a 4 wheel weapon 😂😂
This is TWO SSDs.
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