Huawei Mate Xs Impressions: The Hottest Foldable!

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Marques Brownlee

25 päeva tagasi

This folding phone is hot. But it's still not practical.
On the outward fold:
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Absolute Longplay
Absolute Longplay 17 tundi tagasi
Don't become a CCP shill Marques. Huawei is Chinese spyware.
UrbanSipfly 18 tundi tagasi
Huawei (No way)!! I want my Samsung!!
UrbanSipfly 18 tundi tagasi
Sorry, no Google? No, play!
Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas Päev tagasi
Outside folding phones are nicer to me. They seem to better utilize the screen better. They seem to fold more flush with less gap. However until the tech catches up they gotta switch to the inside for now. They just have to.
Technology is Awesome
Technology is Awesome Päev tagasi
That's a very beautiful phone. I like the design and how slim it is.
michał botor
michał botor Päev tagasi
(3:38) "for all the productivity and big screen tasks in the world" yes, yes. try to write some python or java(script) (or android for that matter) application on this one. good luck.
Vian déclass
Vian déclass Päev tagasi
Noriのり Päev tagasi
Just FYI, the second generation is officially published(mate X2)
vito libido
vito libido Päev tagasi
This design is the best because you actually get to use the main screen as a normal size phone and whip out the extra screen space when needed.. the problem with the galaxy fold is that the main phone screen is garbage, so it’s forcing you to always use the big screen when thats not very practical.. this wahway design of using the extended screen only when needed is pure genius
TheWobblyEmily 2 päeva tagasi
you can't fold/unfold it at -5c? *canadian tears*
Shuang Gao
Shuang Gao 2 päeva tagasi
The hottest phone is X2 not Xs
nibol young
nibol young 2 päeva tagasi
It was quickly sold out in the Chinese market.
Khi Turner
Khi Turner 3 päeva tagasi
_That's so impressive that they put all the components in that small rail. Technology is getting super advanced_
dvd nx
dvd nx 3 päeva tagasi
Marques, you know that Huawei Mate X2 is officially released and looking good ? Please check on that !
Vencent Young
Vencent Young 3 päeva tagasi
HuaWei released Mate X-II days gao. and they made a lot optimization for a lot apps to adapt to the big screen(most for Chinese Apps)
Naija guy Gamer
Naija guy Gamer 3 päeva tagasi
Jeez...Mkbhd now has 13.7 million subscribers i.e more than linus tech tip who was over one million ahead of him some years ago but linus is just 13million...congrat at mkbhd...I'm very happy for're the Jeff bezos/elon musk of youtube
TIlak Sevak
TIlak Sevak 3 päeva tagasi
Nobody can even review like you do impressions of a tech!! That’s the perks of being a subscriber of yours!!
Lappy 4 päeva tagasi
John Holmes
John Holmes 4 päeva tagasi
awesome phone! Want it!
Mashaireo Williamson
Mashaireo Williamson 4 päeva tagasi
I hope you get the next one to review.
Rishik Kumar
Rishik Kumar 5 päeva tagasi
Basically mate xs is copy of mi mix alpha when folded
john groves
john groves 5 päeva tagasi
Watch my video
Krishna Kumar
Krishna Kumar 5 päeva tagasi
Your intro is always awesome
Marwan Mahmoud
Marwan Mahmoud 5 päeva tagasi
Scratching the screen of the phone puts *marques* all over it
Marques Brownlee
Marques Brownlee 5 päeva tagasi
+1 (7 2 4 ) 6 1 7 - 2 0 6 1
Marques Brownlee
Marques Brownlee 5 päeva tagasi
Great, glad to hear this was helpful! Drop a message to educate yourself. Please let us know if you have questions, we are here to help you reach investment goals
ii Hunter
ii Hunter 5 päeva tagasi
Does it have youtube...
Taco Guy
Taco Guy 6 päeva tagasi
NOW compared to there "new" Huawei mate x2 its like..for me... its a solid down grade because that mate xs is so modern its like a solid innovative foldable phone compared to there new one its like down grade because its now like galaxy fold two its now book like fold not outward...😑😭
Marques Brownlee
Marques Brownlee 5 päeva tagasi
Thanks Make a note💬 to my trade samera on a good trading investmen +1 (7 2 4 ) 6 1 7 - 2 0 6 1. Her strategies are top notch.
Jack Lu
Jack Lu 6 päeva tagasi
Huawei just released the Mate X2, see if you can get one.
加油GoingMonotheisT 6 päeva tagasi
I'm actually very unhappy with the inner fold mechanism in the new mate x2. You don't get the same selfie, and camera efficiency like with the xs, with the phone closed.. I really like the outward folding design. Though yes.. It does scratch up..
Piyush Patel
Piyush Patel 6 päeva tagasi
Still trying to figure out, what would I do with space I save by folding my tech like these
Burgger Big
Burgger Big 6 päeva tagasi
It's not about saving space, it's about being cool.
ARC l Liquid
ARC l Liquid 6 päeva tagasi
That low-key kinda feel like a grip haha
Mwewa Lwanga
Mwewa Lwanga 6 päeva tagasi
Hi Marq.... Kindly do up a review of the mate x2 like you said..... The way you articulate is 👌🏾....... ✌🏾
Diego 1
Diego 1 7 päeva tagasi
Huawei Mate X2?
finitestatemachine 7 päeva tagasi
You gotta review the mate X 2
Saint Nomad
Saint Nomad 7 päeva tagasi
Introducing a Huawei product = Supporting the Chinese Communist Party
bensoflyyy 7 päeva tagasi
Yeah your logo looks like an SoC or am I just stating the obvious?
neil robert
neil robert 7 päeva tagasi
HUAWEI has been release the new generation MATE X2 which has a big innovation!
Nathie Nxumalo
Nathie Nxumalo 7 päeva tagasi
I'm really happy to hear you being "positive" on Huawei.. i.e. Not being overly emphatic on the ban and stuff around it, just impressions on the device..
Muyanzi Reid
Muyanzi Reid 7 päeva tagasi
Microsoft Surface Duo is much better than the Mate Xs. -More Screen. -Much less expensive. -Much more durable. -Easily Available in the USA -All Google Services.
成都李LeeYee 7 päeva tagasi
mate x2今天发布了,人民币17999-18999元
Long March
Long March 7 päeva tagasi
Huawei just released a new case for this for free.
Manuel Douglas
Manuel Douglas 7 päeva tagasi
Can't wait for your Mate X2 unboxing since it was just released
Taman Tanniru
Taman Tanniru 8 päeva tagasi
2:05 earbuds suspiciously look like USBC earpods
LostInTranslation 8 päeva tagasi
Hey how about do a drop test video.
LostInTranslation 8 päeva tagasi
Too bad, no Google.
flaggerify 8 päeva tagasi
payeton preast
payeton preast 9 päeva tagasi
Mrbeast fan club
Mrbeast fan club 9 päeva tagasi
Here we go
Reddots07 Gaming
Reddots07 Gaming 9 päeva tagasi
7:12 yo dude that is patented by jerry rig everything. You cant use that fam
Giannis Zournatzis
Giannis Zournatzis 9 päeva tagasi
Only Huawei 💪
Universo do Cubo
Universo do Cubo 9 päeva tagasi
Opa, olha um cubo mágico ali no canto!
Pouya Raped RP
Pouya Raped RP 9 päeva tagasi
پیه چقد چی مینسه 😳😳
Pouya Raped RP
Pouya Raped RP 9 päeva tagasi
Axel Kane
Axel Kane 10 päeva tagasi
Deeper grooves at level breathing too hard ...
ISURU THIWANKA 10 päeva tagasi
i love it.. I already sold my iphone 12 max pro to buy mate 40 pro plus..still i need extra money.. hmm
MR GRIM 10 päeva tagasi
Advanced sexiest ???
T.M Benjie
T.M Benjie 10 päeva tagasi
Got it about 4 days ago, first Impressionen wow. Then I noticed 2 scratches under the procter, no go. Also google services went threw without a problem.
shadowreaperjb 10 päeva tagasi
I think the next big step for folding phones is 360 fold, so you can close it over to protect the screen but you can also fold it so the screen faces outward for photos
sardar khan
sardar khan 11 päeva tagasi
better than galaxy fold.
Soumadipta Choudhury XE
Soumadipta Choudhury XE 11 päeva tagasi
The relation Marques has with Dbrand is just like David Dobrik's relationship with seatgeak.
Shreshth gupta
Shreshth gupta 11 päeva tagasi
Marques wanting to ask something ~alfred! Alfred aka d-brand~here Marques -how did you know I didn’t even said it yet Alfred~oh i know
hyou zan ren
hyou zan ren 11 päeva tagasi
If this high pricing continue soon i will not be able to Afford any phone!
Skywalker Jedi Knight
Skywalker Jedi Knight 11 päeva tagasi
When it opens it look like the Galaxy Fuldto just without the camera punch on the side
Joan McGarity
Joan McGarity 11 päeva tagasi
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mistakenot ou
mistakenot ou 11 päeva tagasi
Puts the phone in a pocket Phone : my time has come
Parth Agrawal
Parth Agrawal 12 päeva tagasi
Pramod 😂😂😂
Fadhyl Fagbemi
Fadhyl Fagbemi 12 päeva tagasi
It’s just to sexy
Asmare Desta
Asmare Desta 12 päeva tagasi
Does that phone work in the u.s T-Mobile?
hanunija 12 päeva tagasi
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clark loeffler
clark loeffler 12 päeva tagasi
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Migo-Migo 12 päeva tagasi
I dunno man, I really can't see these foldables catching on. That fold bump is so weird to me. I'd rather see the actual cut on the screen than that bump.
YOUNGLEE 12 päeva tagasi
I swear dbrand is crazy, i bought the icons skin and shipped it all the way to China, the customs asked for an extra money for some sort of clearance fee and then i emailed dbrand saying that i might need to refund it, seconds later, i saw the shipment is delivering to my home without me paying that extra fee, wtf???
R O 12 päeva tagasi
I'm so bummed our government decided that we can't buy a certain brand of phone.
Kiko Mitevski
Kiko Mitevski 12 päeva tagasi
what's on my phone 2021
Chaba Har
Chaba Har 13 päeva tagasi
How about a world where you can get an outfold or infold or whatever you like?
ken cendron
ken cendron 13 päeva tagasi
i actually think the external fold to be more useful. i would add a special case that magnetically attaches to the backside. it's not like you are using the phone fully unfolded all the time.
Bhoutik Adda
Bhoutik Adda 13 päeva tagasi
Micro cracks
vision1707 13 päeva tagasi
$3000 ! too expensive
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 13 päeva tagasi
People act like just because it's Huawei you can't download Google Play services, if you wanted it you just have to download it
gaurav rawat
gaurav rawat 13 päeva tagasi
Wait no one notice Sony A 1 before the official launch there ??
David Longhorn
David Longhorn 13 päeva tagasi
Tron Trx have a partnership with hauwei!!! Go Trx!!!!
Alexa lopez
Alexa lopez 13 päeva tagasi
hey. i’ve been trying everyday and researching to get the ps5. i can’t afford the ones that are over $500. i will pay you the $500 for the ps5. i will do anything. im one of youre biggest fans. please get back to me🥺 if you cant i understand.
Benjamin Stephen
Benjamin Stephen 14 päeva tagasi
This phone is totally legit
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells 14 päeva tagasi
The haweii foldable looks ok it has pro and cons
Mihir Shetye
Mihir Shetye 14 päeva tagasi
Is it actually Xs or 10s though ?
David W.
David W. 14 päeva tagasi
I doubt Huawei's next phone would be inside folding. Their tech is still not there yet.
Eddie P
Eddie P 14 päeva tagasi
I wanted this phone for so long then i saw that price a few months ago plus the ban and jumped on the Z Fold 2. I love my fold but i suggest people wait until the next one. It's a few compromises i wouldnt expect when paying 2000 for a device. There SHOULDNT be ANY
Anorkhil 14 päeva tagasi
There is NO SUCH THING as a good/best foldable.... cmon... screen scratches even if you fart in proximity of it... for that amount of money that not NOT ACCEPTABLE AT ALL
Nasima B
Nasima B 14 päeva tagasi
Him: reviews this and finds out about it 1 week ago Everyone else: Finds out and reviews it Nearly a year ago
Philip Kaiser
Philip Kaiser 14 päeva tagasi
Fun fact: You read this comment. I want my like now.
bigblue1031 14 päeva tagasi
anything on Oneplus 9 leaks?
TMTK 1348
TMTK 1348 14 päeva tagasi
Too late
Stephen Boss
Stephen Boss 14 päeva tagasi
However improved the flip tech maybe ... I'm down for regular phones , flips just seem unnecessary.
Davebcoolin 15 päeva tagasi
Lmaoo 😂 at the breathing point
IneffaWolf 15 päeva tagasi
I immediately saw LTT’s CPU pillow at the beginning of the video Heck yea
James Allatt
James Allatt 15 päeva tagasi
Great to see a positive review of this phone I feel out of the 2 big folding phones we got in 1st gen huawei beat the others. Definitely intresting going forward though especially with Microsoft now giving a new direction with the surface phones.
MrDevanWright 15 päeva tagasi
That's a nice pillow you have...
Z Fold 2: *King.... But for what?" Mate XS: "The Hottest Foldable" This is your *best* tech youtuber🤦🏽‍♂️
A - F
A - F 15 päeva tagasi
Robots at DBrand are sus
Alex Ferdinansyah
Alex Ferdinansyah 15 päeva tagasi
is the apps for uigur face recognition pre-installed? Is it embedded in the OS?
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