The Blind Smartphone Camera Test 2020!

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Marques Brownlee

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The Blind Smartphone camera bracket social experiment people's choices award goes to...
That shirt!
0:00 Intro
2:02 The Bracket
7:03 What We Learned
15:52 Conclusion
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Stier Muh Muh
Stier Muh Muh 3 tundi tagasi
Apple- " We won the election. By a lot".
Delbert Kopplin
Delbert Kopplin 10 tundi tagasi
The handy language reassembly launch because face renomegaly paddle onto a plastic juice. longing, permissible columnist
jay pal
jay pal 16 tundi tagasi
I wonder if s21 ultra would b the winner if you include it now ? i guess yes .
THXQ Päev tagasi
Look at that iphone 12 pro max the super expensive phones, cant even detect a cloud, very bad photo again from apple, dynamic range is so bad, overblown.
Delbert Kopplin
Delbert Kopplin Päev tagasi
The heartbreaking traffic kelly share because aries operationally itch at a quickest turkey. known, blue open
Eli Wise
Eli Wise 3 päeva tagasi
I know nothing about cameras imma just guess that the pixel 5 wins
Flip Back
Flip Back 4 päeva tagasi
Next time host the images on a website to get a more definitive answer.
Ivan Queiroz
Ivan Queiroz 4 päeva tagasi
Mi 10 looks better than zenfone 7
abhineet chaudhary
abhineet chaudhary 4 päeva tagasi
Next time use mid rangers and see if people are able to differentiate
William Sabino
William Sabino 5 päeva tagasi
Vim pelo Bruno Correa
Joshua 5 päeva tagasi
What is the name of the tripod on @01:01
CÉSAR DE OLIVEIRA 6 päeva tagasi
Olá amigo, O pessoal aqui no Brasil ficaram louco porque Asus ganhou. Como melhor câmera, Comprei um fã 7 estou aguardando chegar da China porque aqui no Brasil os preços são absurdos espero que é alfândega não min Assalte na chegada ao Brasil. que pagar 60% do valor quando entrar no Brasil. pobre aqui no país não tem direito de ter celular por causa dos preços absurdo tenho um canal no EEpost comprei um para fazer meus vídeos por que não posso Comprar uma câmera profissional! como esse aparelho tem uma câmera muito profissional se eu conseguir pagar os impostos quando chegar aqui no Brasil, Passei no cartão em 10 vezes, AliExpress. Porque além de eu filmar serve para mim editar porque não tenho Notebook nem computador. Abraço do Brasil parabéns pelo seus vídeos pelo seu canal. Se quiser dar uma força para mim adiciona meu canal lá em canais.👍👍👍🤝🤝🤝👏👏👏
Panshul Ghai
Panshul Ghai 9 päeva tagasi
only one i got wrong for the bracket was the iPhone 12 pro max
Beef Jerky
Beef Jerky 10 päeva tagasi
I bet smartphone companies watch his videos
Clarice Rodrigues
Clarice Rodrigues 10 päeva tagasi
No Brasil o preço desses smartphones é um absurdo.
rubikfan1 10 päeva tagasi
As a zenphone 7pro. I do like the camera. Its good. Both wide and ultrawide. But the ultrawide isnt has wide as i hoped. And the telefoto is realy only good in Bright light, so on a hike under full sun its great. But nightfotos, nope very ver grainy. But the wide is fine in the dark. Nightmode is good. And 100% best selfie camer ever. Not that i do a alot of them, but i can see the differents in video calls.
tudy000 11 päeva tagasi
I just jumped from an S9+ to a S20+ and I'm super happy with it, I tried a Oneplus 8T in between but was super disappointed in the camera, pity, the hardware curshes my S20+...
Josh Stead
Josh Stead 11 päeva tagasi
As an apparently well endowed Ansel Adams once said: "The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.”
Syed Talib Hussain
Syed Talib Hussain 11 päeva tagasi
Really wish we could get videos like these more often.. it really helps
Syed Talib Hussain
Syed Talib Hussain 11 päeva tagasi
Made me happy xiaomi got to the semi finals :D getting the recognition it deserves Also I love pixel 5 camera Others phones are amazing too just these two my top favourites.
Chic Alien
Chic Alien 13 päeva tagasi
El comentario en español que buscas :u
Marko Humek
Marko Humek 13 päeva tagasi
👌🏻 🔝👁‍🗨
jay masterflash
jay masterflash 14 päeva tagasi
I'm gonna upgrade to a new smartphone. I have the Pixel 3 xl. Would this zenphone 7 be a good upgrade? I want to be able to still have a great camera and have that on display for notification.
Ronny Lin
Ronny Lin 15 päeva tagasi
when you talk about photo from iphone 12 pro, you actually was showing the photo taken from oneplus 8t, lol
No 15 päeva tagasi
It’s interesting how even though the zen phone won it was 2% off losing in the first round
Sreeja P
Sreeja P 15 päeva tagasi
His camera quality >my eyes
jayanth kumar
jayanth kumar 18 päeva tagasi
Who pays more is the winner ,simple as that 😂
Y Nguyen
Y Nguyen 9 päeva tagasi
He did not get paid in this video to promote the phones
Intesar Hasan
Intesar Hasan 18 päeva tagasi
How can one plus 8t camera beat 12 pro max, this is rubbish nobody can believe this
Vaooch 18 päeva tagasi
P4O pro???
Siddique Abubakar
Siddique Abubakar 20 päeva tagasi
Bro if you look at the pics of m and n you can clearly see iPhone won
Y Nguyen
Y Nguyen 9 päeva tagasi
Picture m is much more of a cool tone and people don’t like that so picture n won
Lloyd Griffiths
Lloyd Griffiths 21 päev tagasi
Funny how apple was out in the first round yet in his smartphone awards 2020 video he crowned the 12 pro max as the best all round camera
Y Nguyen
Y Nguyen 9 päeva tagasi
That is because in this video he did not decide which phone has the best camera this video is a blind test to see which camera people on Instagram and Twitter like the best
Jérôme Jheelan
Jérôme Jheelan 22 päeva tagasi
do you know why a picture taken outside of instagram (camera app, dslr) in sRGB at 1350px x 1080px and shared to instagram stories from an android phone has poor quality ?
Taolin Ignatius
Taolin Ignatius 23 päeva tagasi
4:17 mine was wrong, BIG TIME. I thought for sure that the winner is either One Plus 8 Pro or OPPO Find X2 Pro.
Viral Videos
Viral Videos 24 päeva tagasi
So maybe next time just upload the photos on Google drive to see the actual photo? Of course remove the exiff file and the photo infos.
Mindi van de Velde
Mindi van de Velde 24 päeva tagasi
Aaaand i cant buy 2 of the 4 phone and one of them doesnt support google services and the oneplus nord is not my style. Oh welp were gonna start from squire one🤣
segoiii 24 päeva tagasi
We need more OV48C phones. It´s a fantastic sensor. We need more phones which have more than one great sensor. 3x OV48C. Wide + Ultrawide + Zoom 5x optical. We need to stop flaships from getting rid of features. We want headphone jacks and we want sd card slots. 64GB phones with 64MPixel sensors are ridiculous. It´s full after one week of use. We need more small phones like Iphone 12 Mini. We still need bigger batteries. Stop those stupid camera bumps. Just make the phone thicker and put in 2000mAh more juice. We want desktop systems like Samsung Dex for more phones, especially the powerful highend ones. There are still many things to do. I think too many phones are just too identical.
martin price
martin price 25 päeva tagasi
Sorry note 20 destroyed rest with black camera photo
Piyush Choudhary
Piyush Choudhary 26 päeva tagasi
Why didn't Asus put this camera setup in ROG Phone 3? They would have won every smartphone award ever!
Piyush Choudhary
Piyush Choudhary 26 päeva tagasi
Snoop Dogg feat was epic
Shiyam Prasanth
Shiyam Prasanth 26 päeva tagasi
Work behind this video.! Man 👏🙌 That's why he was 🖤
Sharosdin Din
Sharosdin Din 26 päeva tagasi
It sony xperia there?
Vineeth Vinu
Vineeth Vinu 26 päeva tagasi
Asus zenfone 🔥
Wendy Yallop
Wendy Yallop 26 päeva tagasi
The swanky flower only boast because bracket worrisomely ignore pace a blushing railway. absurd, nauseating destruction
jonjoe89 26 päeva tagasi
The Note Ultra should've definitely beat the Mi Ultra. And the Mi Ultra should've beat the Zen.
CharlesOffdensen 28 päeva tagasi
And you get the award for the best tech video! Again.
Mike E
Mike E 29 päeva tagasi
What phone does the best in low light and doesn't oversaturated is the winner to me.
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes Місяць tagasi
Next time please include dslr in one of section. I bet even that will loose against these filtered unnatural looking photos.
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes 27 päeva tagasi
An idiot is someone who doesn't understand sarcasm and need to learn some manners.
Hisyam 4
Hisyam 4 27 päeva tagasi
These are smartphones camera test you idiot SMARTPHONES
Leo Hernandez
Leo Hernandez Місяць tagasi
that GGN clip caught me off guard 🤣🤣🤣
Jack channel 84
Jack channel 84 Місяць tagasi
Poco x3 👍👍🇮🇩🖐
Daksh Kumar Singh
Daksh Kumar Singh Місяць tagasi
Why was Nokia 8.3 not included???
Djalil Derr
Djalil Derr Місяць tagasi
So the mi 10 ultra won
Qbass77 Місяць tagasi
After the photos from the first round you can see that the elimination mode in pairs is a bad choice. In some pairs both photos are good and in others both are bad. a better look at the quality of the photos would have given the order of the photos from best to worst. The second round is made of half the stake on the same principle and so on until the final.
THEMASTEREAL Місяць tagasi
sus rog fone 7 pro
Hat Dog
Hat Dog Місяць tagasi
Damn my boy mi10 ultra lost
jennilyn maniago
jennilyn maniago Місяць tagasi
Battle with just 1 photo
Rabert's World
Rabert's World Місяць tagasi
In today's technology it's not the lenses, megapixels or the sensor which decides the appeal of a photo shot with a smartphone, but the computing of the data. It's what is beyond physics, it's the software which is crucial for how the photo looks to the viewer. And it looks like, that Apple has a real problem with that side of the equation and Asus nails it best right now. White balance, btw, is just one part of this software wizardry. The incalculable part here is the contribution of the platform's software and algorithms, when you upload the photo. Plus - of course - what quality the monitor of the viewer is.
Riley MoMo
Riley MoMo Місяць tagasi
Take a shot every time he says "squeaks out a win"
Enthusiast Місяць tagasi
Terrible way to decide which camera is the best. This is a gimmick for those who don't understand anything about photo quality. For starters, a scientific approach goes out of the window when you have a data point of one.
So apparently, you can change your name on Youtube
So apparently, you can change your name on Youtube Місяць tagasi
3:06 wtf are yall "most people" doing💀😂
john wick
john wick Місяць tagasi
He just call oneplus 8t "a midrange"
Gergő Erhardt
Gergő Erhardt Місяць tagasi
Got the left of the bracket, failed the right 100%... 🤷‍♂️
Adam Ćwikliński
Adam Ćwikliński Місяць tagasi
Ahhh i get everything right except ZenFone 7 Pro ahhh so close
Five Місяць tagasi
Does someone know the name of the intro song? It's not in his playlist or on Jordyn Edmonds's page.
xhacker Місяць tagasi
It would be interesting to learn more about how the compression on these websites affects photo uploads, especially since Insta has its own photo editing tools.
Iponeng Manca
Iponeng Manca Місяць tagasi
2:55 can i just say he is definitely an 👽😗👁️👁️
Jazz-axy Місяць tagasi
Aw the ending was pretty wholesome and true. I feel less pressure on my upgrade hunt. That twt vs ig comparison was just wild though
Hito157 Місяць tagasi
The Humans are learning how to evaluate good photos (technically), but my regular friends will still think the iPhone is the best camera on a phone...
Hards Villa
Hards Villa Місяць tagasi
This video is to teach all schmuck followers those who voted trashy photos their choice is so ridiculous as trump.👍 Like if you know this deep down. (MKBHD deep down my subscribers suck.)
Imjun Jung
Imjun Jung Місяць tagasi
Zenfone7 pro is don't buying we here. Um i wonder asus zenfone7 pro
ThePieGuy Місяць tagasi
I got the first bracket perfect except for one
MrHaifresse Місяць tagasi
10:30 MA Eyeees MA Eyeeees
Mas Umar
Mas Umar Місяць tagasi
I hope MKBHD ready my comment " Voter's screen also must be taken into account " On some phone, screen's brightness affects on colors and dynamic range. I find this on Zenfone, Xiaomi, and low-range Samsung. And even some people set their screen to non-standard RGB Hope that can help on next blind camera test 🙂
TekCheetah Місяць tagasi
I actually thought the Mi 10 Ultra won due to saturation but still
Jeya Kasturi
Jeya Kasturi Місяць tagasi
Apple is Waste.
A Mira
A Mira Місяць tagasi
I preferred the zenfone pumpkin picture because I liked the contract between cool and warm, as opposed to the background looking warm as well, making the pumpkin less interesting. On top op that, the pumpkin looked a bit oversaturated as well, but I'm basing that on this youtube video, as I didn't participate in the polls.
Ericツ Місяць tagasi
Anyone know the intro song?
kwinzman Місяць tagasi
The "what we learned" section elevated this video from mediocre to outstanding!
pheba100 Місяць tagasi
sooo LG didn't win the first round with less than 2% ... ? soo typical for the channel to trash LG... Wing isn't even their best Camera Phone released on 2020. It was LG V60 .. but they clearly knew thta LG V60 will be the winner at the end so they choose the Wing...
Stavex Місяць tagasi
The masses are as stupid as a cow’s ass
Nigel Verdell
Nigel Verdell Місяць tagasi
Apple - "Stop the count!"
Tom Cruz
Tom Cruz Місяць tagasi
Anjan Krishna
Anjan Krishna Місяць tagasi
Very nice explanation about the white balance and a great video🔥
Руслан Омаров
Руслан Омаров Місяць tagasi
each photo in each test made with different positions...again, what the point? Did you hear of testing metodics? Do you know, that test could be objective if condition are equal for each phone?
Руслан Омаров
Руслан Омаров Місяць tagasi
when will you start to clean cameras before your tests?! What the poin to test some of cameras with dirty optics? Pointless test
The pc endgame
The pc endgame Місяць tagasi
Renan Correa
Renan Correa Місяць tagasi
there HAS to be a night pic and only one souce of voting
TheWalkingBritt Місяць tagasi
How to win your brackets: Pick Samsung, pick phones nobody knows about
Robert Prehn
Robert Prehn Місяць tagasi
Just amazing!
Князь ТВ
Князь ТВ Місяць tagasi
Black lives matter ✊🏿
Greg Місяць tagasi
Why only one Samsung phone? And why does he always compare to the iphone?
Rais Alam
Rais Alam Місяць tagasi
Loved every second of this video
RoXasNikeman Місяць tagasi
Zenphone is the squeakiest phone 🤣
MechamoJureg garcia
MechamoJureg garcia Місяць tagasi
omg i was only wrong at the note 20 ultra v pixel 4a
Sp Who Me?
Sp Who Me? Місяць tagasi
So the note got a 95% win over a phone that beat the iPhone 🙆‍♂️
Giesbert Nijhuis
Giesbert Nijhuis Місяць tagasi
Let the winnen be the one with the best manual control and best RAW file. If you really care about image quality, you RAW.
Kristian Yunto
Kristian Yunto Місяць tagasi
I like this camera comperation...keep doing this every years...👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
C.J Haacke
C.J Haacke Місяць tagasi
The nitpick is real
Jon Haro
Jon Haro Місяць tagasi
Damn so apple is low-key racist by cooling down photos for 🌾 ppl
IANSB Місяць tagasi
Bini Bini
Bini Bini Місяць tagasi
The result was amazing 🤨🤨
حسن بيبي
حسن بيبي Місяць tagasi
الف تحيه طيبه من العراق 🇮🇶 اليك
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