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Marques Brownlee

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Dave2D 3 місяці tagasi
I don't often get matte black things, but when i do, it's MKBHD skins
Kin Han Tan
Kin Han Tan Місяць tagasi
Aadi Roy
Aadi Roy Місяць tagasi
marquees release an 'icons' iphone icons pack
Daniel Obi
Daniel Obi 2 місяці tagasi
Louis Vuitton
Bhuvesh Kumar
Bhuvesh Kumar 2 місяці tagasi
Make whitecode also
Ali YEET OOF 2 місяці tagasi
Dave LEE and Marques BrownLEE hmmmmmmmm
Awwify 3 päeva tagasi
Bruh these are so boring :( these videos makes us feel that .... we re poor? Bruh they r selfish They have so many phones for themselves
Andries Arraafie
Andries Arraafie 3 päeva tagasi
You should release icons playing cards
Landon kepp
Landon kepp 3 päeva tagasi
P Stoner
P Stoner 4 päeva tagasi
Just got the ENTIRE set! The Grip Case with Triple Black skin, Triple Black speed cube, Triple Black facemask, and Triple Black iPad skin! Great design MKBHD!
WatsNu2Day 5 päeva tagasi
Buyer Beware! They will NOT take refunds or returns! I bought a skin for my laptop believing that it would fit and it did not. DBrand will NOT take any returns if you take the skin off the 3M backing! Ridiculous! how else would you know if there are any fitment problems or issues? What if you find out there was a scratch on the skin AFTER you take the skin off the backing. My skin is in perfect condition as well and still they wont take a return. I have bought several skins before for several phones and this was my first time requesting for a return or refund. No Customer Service for a large company. Buyer beware!
Black Cancer
Black Cancer 9 päeva tagasi
That illuminati pyramid looks beautiful
謝濟緯 10 päeva tagasi
Use me as an "I came from Jperm's channel" button
MyNameIsSonGoku 11 päeva tagasi
Can we get blue please!
Daniel Duncan
Daniel Duncan 11 päeva tagasi
Just got the matte black one! Super excited for it to come!!
Mélissa Mailhot
Mélissa Mailhot 11 päeva tagasi
Good pronunciation for a non-cuber!
lia 12 päeva tagasi
i was just curious but you got me on board with "robot dog"
lia 12 päeva tagasi
stop making me want to buy things i don't need !!!!!!!
Paul Son
Paul Son 15 päeva tagasi
If I were LV, I'd sue the shit out of you.
Aaron Jago
Aaron Jago 16 päeva tagasi
So a skin? Huge product wow. So amazing
Kǝr Obis
Kǝr Obis 17 päeva tagasi
Preordered PlayStation 5 Disc Edition Middle Skin Special Edition MKBHD Triple Black 🔥🔥🔥
Name's Roz
Name's Roz 17 päeva tagasi
This is literally miraculous the tales of ladybug and chat noir phone. It's a popular cartoon
Hamza Shaebi
Hamza Shaebi 18 päeva tagasi
I am Getting apple pencil skin straight way
Arnav Ghare
Arnav Ghare 21 päev tagasi
One thing I didn't like is that it is available for OnePlus 7 pro but not for the OnePlus 7t pro and because the laser autofocus is outside the camera bracket unlike the 7pro I have to take the phone out of the cover everytime I have to click a photo because the camera won't focus because the laser autofocus is covered
Corey Johnson
Corey Johnson 23 päeva tagasi
MKBHD amazing skins my dude. However can you please get with DBrand and make this skin available for the galaxy tab s7/s7 plus. We got no love.
Chulani I
Chulani I 24 päeva tagasi
I got a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra mystic black which has an extremely glossy back. Crazy fingerprint magnet. So I wanted to put a dbrand skin. Found the Icons when I checked out the dbrand website. Got the skin few days back. And I absolutely love the matte black on black finish of the skin.👍
Callan George
Callan George 24 päeva tagasi
I use a dbrand skin on my note20 ultra although rhinosheild doesn't have them for the note20 ultra yet but I find it easier to apply the rhinosheild skin because it doesn't require using a hair dryer to apply it it just sticks down without any heat
Limit Bass Fishing
Limit Bass Fishing 24 päeva tagasi made stickers. Congrats
Ordinary Kyle
Ordinary Kyle 24 päeva tagasi
Is it just me or MKBHD sounds like Blackyspeaks?
Plex Tech
Plex Tech 25 päeva tagasi
Marques, you should ask Dbrand to make an ICONS cube with different colours on each side. Doesn't matter what colours, it's prob easier to solve.
SuperFlip 26 päeva tagasi
When J Perm buys the two thunderclap V3s from Dbrand Yes I solve Rubik's cube
Sanjay Renganath
Sanjay Renganath 26 päeva tagasi
One basic question everyone ? Will the ICON skin give you a grip after putting it on ? Cause your using your phone literally naked .
Alpha 27 päeva tagasi
Rubiks cube
Jaya Shree
Jaya Shree 8 päeva tagasi
It’s actually a Qiyi Thunderclap. Not a Rubik’s brand.
Dakota Watters
Dakota Watters 27 päeva tagasi
I just ordered mine yesterday for my iPhone 12 mini can’t wait!!! wish they made them for consoles I’d definitely buy one for my Xbox series S
Vincebond 007
Vincebond 007 28 päeva tagasi
Is it posible to put a phonecase on ur phone if there is a icons skin on there?
Ian Miller
Ian Miller Місяць tagasi
I’ve barely used my set of microfibre clothes and they’re fraying all over the edge Marques. Hardly quality. V disappointed to the point that I’m posting an extremely rare comment on EEpost!
Christian Dionne
Christian Dionne Місяць tagasi
Advice about dbrand case grip for iphone 12/pro ? tks
Waxypineapple Місяць tagasi
Who else got the music
Taha Anwar Ul Haq
Taha Anwar Ul Haq Місяць tagasi
Please explain why u have illuminati logo onto it what does that mean NEW WORLD 🌍 ORDER ???
Hibbird Місяць tagasi
Just bought the matte black and the silicon skin!!! this looks sick
Brian Henn
Brian Henn Місяць tagasi
Just ordered a redcode skin for my Oneplus 7t Pro!! I even did the overnight delivery because I'm so excited to get it! I love your videos. I consider myself a techy person, well I guess as techy as I can be for my budget. A week ago I got the OnePlus 7t Pro Mclaren off Amazon new for just over $500. I know it's not the absolute latest and greatest, but after watching your videos, I'm able to understand the benefits of getting a upper end phone that may be a year old vs a new budget phone.
Michael Ly
Michael Ly Місяць tagasi
When is the 100x micro fiber pack going back instock?
Tyler Shawcroft
Tyler Shawcroft Місяць tagasi
Diego Saavedra
Diego Saavedra Місяць tagasi
I want I'm in Guatemala!!!!!!
Jiusonium Місяць tagasi
No more dbrand for me. Took eight weeks to arrive, and fit poorly. Cannot recommend.
Smart Tech
Smart Tech Місяць tagasi
“That’s gonna be a no for me dawg” love this guy :)
Dennis Diow
Dennis Diow Місяць tagasi
Hey Marques, wanna ask you about the microfiber cloth. when u mention if purchase ICON skin or grib, in my case is Grib with ICON skin and prism. the random microfiber cloth is ICON microfiber or just a normal dbrand microfiber cloth?
YG Faith
YG Faith Місяць tagasi
Just ordered mine for the note 20 ultra feckkkkqqqqqq
Inderjit Singh
Inderjit Singh Місяць tagasi
I have been your fan, but 25$ for skin and 44$ for case. Its too much really. Screw y
Shaun Marshall
Shaun Marshall Місяць tagasi
If you can make a redcode super thin case for the s21 ultra ill be over the moon :P
Timothy Thrall
Timothy Thrall Місяць tagasi
Just got mine today. Suuuuper hard to put on AirPods. Will probably just take mine off cuz they look subpar. No idea how people did it for the picture online, but I watched the video on how to do it and everything
Katelyn Yeo
Katelyn Yeo Місяць tagasi
came from J Perm
Rujula Sharma
Rujula Sharma Місяць tagasi
Who came here after watching j perm's video
S.A.D Місяць tagasi
Wish this would have come by now ordered 2 and to think i payed 50€ for 2 skins and they still havent arrived?
Num Sei
Num Sei Місяць tagasi
Make an icons shirt plsss
Chiranth Nandi
Chiranth Nandi Місяць tagasi
I really expected a vector logo of the LG Wing on the ICONS Skin!
17MED Місяць tagasi
i need it please restock it
Simon D
Simon D Місяць tagasi
Money making scheme... don’t blame him. As 2pac said ‘ I gotta get paid’
User Deleted
User Deleted Місяць tagasi
I missed the icons drop 😔 and when i went to dbrand to request that they re-launch the mkbhd skins, they haven't sent me an email or anything. So I'm kinda sad now
17MED Місяць tagasi
same bruh
rom concepcion
rom concepcion Місяць tagasi
No more ICONS :( I am getting S21 Ultra and no more ICONS for it
John Joseph
John Joseph Місяць tagasi
Hi, Big fan, there is something missing. I am looking for a wallet case for a minimum of 9 slots, with a phone case being removable and the phone case is both magnetic and MagSafe at the same time? Even Apple, nor Amazon, not Wish, Nor Alibaba have a solution like this. Please let me know if that exists already.
Monkey Bbx and cubes
Monkey Bbx and cubes Місяць tagasi
Jperm and mkbhd should collab
Rafi Nilhan
Rafi Nilhan Місяць tagasi
Congratulations, man. You deserve this 👏
Milo4is Місяць tagasi
I miss it....... please launch again
Naveen Srivatsav
Naveen Srivatsav Місяць tagasi
Looks sick on my iPad Magic Keyboard!
kakadots Місяць tagasi
The name’s Black. Matt Black.
H .A.J
H .A.J Місяць tagasi
Lord bless you I love u videos ur funny and make me laugh a lot
Sezer Sari
Sezer Sari Місяць tagasi
there´s an icon which i don´t know. a circle with three points and two lines inside. does anyone know what that is? (for me it looks like a mars icon :) )
Scayron Місяць tagasi
So it's just... an app tray...?
Rocky Bhai
Rocky Bhai Місяць tagasi
Xavier T
Xavier T Місяць tagasi
Bursting the bubble....I received mine TODAY after ordering it on December 4th. My M1 Macbook pro skin is bit smaller in size and these skin can leave permanently mark if you scratch it with nails. I thought I Installed it wrong way but the back skin cover is also smaller than the original macbook size....Disappointed . Didn't expect it for $50. i also ordered the mask. No complain about the mask. It looks sick. But the laptop skin really made me sad.
robert louis
robert louis Місяць tagasi
So sick
msBuckwheat Місяць tagasi
Insanely genius! But can’t expect anything less from MKBHD!
Trzrz1234 Місяць tagasi
Follow up, bought one for my Pixel 3a and the wifes surface tablet. Marques, they look incredible, so I wanted to thank you. Always wanted to give Dbrand a try but this finally pushed me. Glad I did!
John Місяць tagasi
Why are these already discontinued?
S K Місяць tagasi
Love the red icons⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Wayne Stanford
Wayne Stanford Місяць tagasi
Anyone else order the microfibres cloths and get pretty much same ones? I ordered 2 packs x 5, got 11 in the parcel (!??), only five designs for the eleven but six are the same icon.
biel andrada
biel andrada Місяць tagasi
nice, uploaded on my bday but nobody cares so ill shut up
Chilis Місяць tagasi
Anyone have an ID on the device at 2:35 ?
potatoswithtomatos Місяць tagasi
@Chilis it's a razer blade
Chilis Місяць tagasi
Razer Blade?
Tunde Adegbola
Tunde Adegbola Місяць tagasi
Just curious. Are those icons not Copyrights? 🤔
Yaseen Hassan
Yaseen Hassan Місяць tagasi
7:13 I’m a cuber and that’s actually a really good starter cube although the GAN XS would be better lol 😂. Cubers would understand btw.
Johannes Cruyff
Johannes Cruyff Місяць tagasi
I consider these a significant rip-off: what you really purchase is a standard case, worth 50c and a sticker (!) with the icons you have to put yourself on that standard case. The package it comes in, is worth more than the product. I am severely disappointed.
Shane Kike
Shane Kike Місяць tagasi
Shane Kike
Shane Kike Місяць tagasi
Please inform consumers not to get the Airpods Pro skins. Almost every person who gets this skin cant install it due to it being almost impossible to align. The skins for phones, computers, and consoles are great but do not buy Airpods skins. It will come out poorly and you will just go back to no skin after you see how it looks with gaps galore.
Hayley Shaw
Hayley Shaw 2 місяці tagasi
The married yoke externally squeal because overcoat temporally bubble unto a lamentable landmine. quirky, strange makeup
Corey Coffey
Corey Coffey 2 місяці tagasi
The grubby gruesome popcorn reassembly print because drake suddenly squeeze after a red leaf. obscene, awful albatross
Stephen Petsche
Stephen Petsche 2 місяці tagasi
Still waiting on mine 😭 Dbrand is shipping me another one as mine wasn't delivered 😭
loveharmony1 2 місяці tagasi
Please consider relaunching this limited edition. Please.
Akshat Malik
Akshat Malik 2 місяці tagasi
Damn When that music started playing🔥🔥
Hammy Marco
Hammy Marco 2 місяці tagasi
The elderly file fittingly whip because textbook inversely whisper about a first process. omniscient, filthy step-grandmother
Sandra Norris
Sandra Norris 2 місяці tagasi
Just got my skin for my MacBook Air, Matte Black Air 😅
Tyler Shawcroft
Tyler Shawcroft 2 місяці tagasi
2:27 what is this music?!
lucas 2 місяці tagasi
Cab Calloway - The Hi De Ho Man or Jaden smith - Icon. Luv ur pfp btw.
Tarun Lohani
Tarun Lohani 2 місяці tagasi
So stupid! Seriously this age gonna end bad.
Hasina Khatun
Hasina Khatun 2 місяці tagasi
J perm approved your "MKBHD ICONS CUBE"
Daniel Munn
Daniel Munn 2 місяці tagasi
Drop finished already?? Will you re-release??
Gab Kristoff C. BRIONES
Gab Kristoff C. BRIONES 2 місяці tagasi
So a Qiyi...
Bruce Yamada
Bruce Yamada 2 місяці tagasi
Dude this Rubiks cube is so hard to solve, I should get a team for it
Thelma Dixon
Thelma Dixon 2 місяці tagasi
The grotesque restaurant counterintuitively sneeze because spoon systematically follow by a incandescent quince. gabby, delicious gender
Bharaadwaj S
Bharaadwaj S 2 місяці tagasi
Hey.....I tried getting them ....couldn't get it...there was some problem I think...anyways amazing 👏 merch👍
Ahmed Najib
Ahmed Najib 2 місяці tagasi
Lol that Grip Case skin looked dope, gotta get it for my OnePlus 8 Pro! They look sick🔥
Letroy Rogers
Letroy Rogers 2 місяці tagasi
My man. Congratulations to you. This is absolutely amazing. I have been a longtime follower and have watched almost all your videos. Every smartphone purchase has been based off of your recommendations.Congratulations to your success now and in the future.
gunter901 2 місяці tagasi
Just saw the illuminati pc. And i just saw the icon on the skin. You could have guessed it :o
Cr8ive Tekno
Cr8ive Tekno 2 місяці tagasi
Give me a nice phone 📱
Lucas Lindner
Lucas Lindner 2 місяці tagasi
Can definitely feel how genuinely proud you are of the lineup. Honestly I am glad you’ve made it this far man and it’s been awesome to watch. Keep up the great content brother.
Caleb Waddell
Caleb Waddell 2 місяці tagasi
Anyone else received theirs yet? I just installed my surface pro 5 skin and my galaxy buds skin is still on its way.
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