The Only REAL "Pro" Smartphone?!

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Marques Brownlee

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Sony Xperia Pro is the only phone that truly deserves the "Pro" name... which is why you don't need it.
Why Don't People Buy Sony Smartphones?
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Phone provided by Sony for review.

Quankanot 11 tundi tagasi
DLSR with built in smartphone. 👍
Jon friedman
Jon friedman 20 tundi tagasi
I love Sony.
Jermaine Adams
Jermaine Adams 22 tundi tagasi
So..... In other words. If u not a photographer this phone isn't a must buy... Gotcha, noted.
Ιωάννης Κυριακος Βακουφτσής
Ιωάννης Κυριακος Βακουφτσής Päev tagasi
the only phone worthing the money you pay is the phone that nobody talks about (no advertising at all)
Frank Mowasat
Frank Mowasat Päev tagasi
Sony is crap. Their stupid app play memories is going bankrupt even after charging for a lot of trash apps that should have been free to use with camera. I had the NEX5N after a few years the display just died for no reason. I bought the a6500 flagship of APS-C models. The menus are horrible to navigate with bad ergonomics including the video button. Sony doesn't have longevity like other Japanese products. Again I had their TV that just broke after 3 years. Here is the bottom line: for photography go the Canon route for videography Panasonic route with its beautiful menus and an excellent app to communicate with camera.
M Gopinath
M Gopinath Päev tagasi
I want Moto edge s phone review 😀😀
mennio100 Päev tagasi
Let's just all start buying Sony phones...we need both them and their technology!!
kristina seysener
kristina seysener Päev tagasi
Vian déclass
Vian déclass Päev tagasi
SONY The real king phone Damn it👑🔥🔥 Fanboy Sony from indonesia in here🇮🇩😇
Tony Tech
Tony Tech Päev tagasi
Can't they be connected via Wifi instead of the HDMI cable? Even connection through the USB-C port, like some computer monitors, would be more convenient.
Simon Sørensen
Simon Sørensen Päev tagasi
I had the sony experia Arc back in the day.... it also had HDMI wich was great for having a the latest movies downloaded and being able to play them at friends TVs... Back then few of my friends had their computers hooked up to the tv and netflix and other streaming sites didn't exist...
randomclips1511 Päev tagasi
shouldnt have called it "pro" but "enterprise" because thats more like its target.
S Rahman
S Rahman 2 päeva tagasi
Just bought a Sony best phone I've ever bought.
Elidor Varosi
Elidor Varosi 2 päeva tagasi
Arent their prosumers still gonna prefer a camera just saying(it will save them a lot too)
Timothy J. Holloway
Timothy J. Holloway 2 päeva tagasi
Very good. Very helpful. Thank you, sir.
Globe Stan
Globe Stan 2 päeva tagasi
8:36 daft punk 😢
Juan Pablo Montoya
Juan Pablo Montoya 2 päeva tagasi
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
da sakdj
da sakdj 3 päeva tagasi
The violent dibble semiannually perform because snail proportionally print mid a ahead thunder. silent, dusty ring
Graham Morgan
Graham Morgan 3 päeva tagasi
If they did it wireless it would be a useful feature but HDMI to phone is nothing new. Nokia had this.
Mohamed Asif
Mohamed Asif 3 päeva tagasi
How does common people will get benefit from this feature..! Only camera man does.
Cec Level
Cec Level 3 päeva tagasi
Accurate assesment my brother.
RomanceR • 19 years ago
RomanceR • 19 years ago 3 päeva tagasi
Sony serves a 4 year warranty in my country while everyone else is only 1yr.
Satoshi Oota
Satoshi Oota 4 päeva tagasi
The point is that it has the durability invisible for amateurs.
Andy Yoon
Andy Yoon 4 päeva tagasi
Pro price, not pro feature
clei ford
clei ford 4 päeva tagasi
SONY: I don't care if I'll die doing my passion.
Sarvesh Parakh
Sarvesh Parakh 4 päeva tagasi
No no no. the main reason the target demographics is tiny is the price. This phone at $1000 will sell like hot cake because even creators that are starting out and get iPhones or the Galaxies will instead opt for or at least consider this phone. I for one would get it at $1000 no doubt. It's just that it is too expensive. At $1000 the target customer goes from 30 into 10s of 1000s of people! Also, for some reason Sony isn't selling their top models in India. I was looking for the Xperia 1 II but didn't find it so bought a Samsung Galaxy instead. The market here is huge for sony because there are so many sony fans here, and at a time when samsung is selling us hot garbage in the form of exynos, sony could regain the trust they had once because no other company is selling android phones with cameras that compete with the iPhone. Oneplus is fast but the camera sucks, Xiaomi and others aren't even a competition. No one here cares for wireless charging anyway cuz it's cheaper to replace a broken charging plug on the phone than to get a fast enough wireless charger. Sony has a real shot at grabbing a market share as long as samsung continues with the Exynos garbage they are making.
Vincent34 Valentine
Vincent34 Valentine 4 päeva tagasi
Coleman Adamson
Coleman Adamson 4 päeva tagasi
For $2500 wireless charging IS a big deal.
Robert Turpin
Robert Turpin 4 päeva tagasi
They do make good phones and essentially all their products are to me good. They just need to work on their supplying the demand.
Hassan Almatawah
Hassan Almatawah 4 päeva tagasi
Not so convincing
UDChicken 4 päeva tagasi
One thing that doesn't add up for this phone is the back camera set. I would say you only need a cheap camera for QR scanning rather than a set of cameras that can do so much yet completely useless as the phone is intended to be mounted on a camera rig (i mean, seriously, Sony, what kind of nerd who buys this phone would leave the house without an actual camera?) I would also turn the back of the camera into a led panel for nighttime closeup shootings. (dunno why Sony didn't do it while wireless charging is already not supported) And work with DJI so the phone can simultaneously livestream from a camera and a drone and work as THE viewfinder for both considering the size of the screen. (now that's what a camera nerd would call it 'pro')
j Harry
j Harry 4 päeva tagasi
Sony phone? Meh..
HERNAN J 4 päeva tagasi
HERNAN J 4 päeva tagasi
I stop the video when he says.. 4k display....a 2500 scam. REPEAT WITH ME...YOU CAN'T APPRECIATE A 4K SMARTPHONE DISPLAY 😅😅😅
Andrea Giavenni
Andrea Giavenni 5 päeva tagasi
I will certainly buy it with a 85% Black Friday discount
Dia King
Dia King 5 päeva tagasi
Not impressed. Guess U gotta be there.
Micah Bamaiyi
Micah Bamaiyi 5 päeva tagasi
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Joe Boku
Joe Boku 5 päeva tagasi
Is this a smartphone? No, I think this is an expensive camera accessory.
Efrem Creative Works
Efrem Creative Works 5 päeva tagasi
Truthwatcher 5 päeva tagasi
so whats the best phone to get for under 300...? samsung galaxy s8 active is what i found to be the best on the market
TheRempongsHD 5 päeva tagasi
the next level of play!! hi quality of streaming in 5G! its lit!
Isaac 5 päeva tagasi
so the conclusion is that it is perfect for people who do remote live stream a lot. interesting.
Kerrill Dughi
Kerrill Dughi 5 päeva tagasi
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SUCCESS MICAH 5 päeva tagasi
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Dr. Johnson
Dr. Johnson 5 päeva tagasi
Markass brown-Lee -EEpost Rewind
Sood Sood
Sood Sood 5 päeva tagasi
I can use my old mi note 4 as an external monitor just using an hdmi convertor and an app. $2500 saved
São João do mundo
São João do mundo 5 päeva tagasi
No wonder no one buy Sony phones anymore.
Avaio 6 päeva tagasi
The only "REAL" BS review "I have ever seen" on youtube..
Borhan Eraz
Borhan Eraz 6 päeva tagasi
à a
Dr Gru
Dr Gru 6 päeva tagasi
If this phone in naruto will be Itachi
Earthymoon 6 päeva tagasi
This is some super cool transitional technology.
Sahil Mahmud
Sahil Mahmud 6 päeva tagasi
Sony’s making so much selling consoles that they’re making weird phones for fun
That's Dope
That's Dope 6 päeva tagasi
Sony makes amazing stuff Average user: nah am a stay with my apple iphone
Explore London
Explore London 6 päeva tagasi
If Sony made a budget phone with Snapdragon 750 and over for around £250-300, I would put down my Oppo in a heartbeat...
Chukwuma Kenneth
Chukwuma Kenneth 6 päeva tagasi
Raise your hands if you touched your screen when His screen went dim
Damien Cross
Damien Cross 6 päeva tagasi
For the price, they can keep the piece of shit.
Joe M
Joe M 6 päeva tagasi
Don't buy Sony phones. I bought Sony Xperia Z3 when it first came out. I paid $750 cash for it. The worst investment I have ever made. A minor crack on the screen caused the touchscreen feature to stop working in the area that cracked. After about a year a two months, the glue that hold the entire phone screen to the phone body came off and the entire screen came off. The built quality was nonsense. If not that I bought it from tmobile, I would had said it was fake phone.
Khắc Hoàng
Khắc Hoàng 7 päeva tagasi
Nothing can be pro in a smartphone
Rifqi Al Fariz
Rifqi Al Fariz 7 päeva tagasi
Sony probably gonna create time machine in the future and no one will bat an eye
Pocholo Khan
Pocholo Khan 7 päeva tagasi
Not rugged, sensitive,
Robert R
Robert R 7 päeva tagasi
Apple 🇨🇳 software company with SAMSUNG tech inside, will be there... IN 30 YEARS! 😂 🤣 😂
Derrick Nti Boateng
Derrick Nti Boateng 7 päeva tagasi
This is a camera more than a phone
Mohamed ZAKOUR
Mohamed ZAKOUR 7 päeva tagasi
I think people don't buy Sony smartphone because their products are expensive
Musfahag House
Musfahag House 7 päeva tagasi
The phone is too expensive pls do giveaway
#PainIsGain 7 päeva tagasi
No camera bumb
#PainIsGain 7 päeva tagasi
Woe muchas gracias amigo
Trombone-san (David)
Trombone-san (David) 7 päeva tagasi
I'm so glad Sony is still including a headphone jack on their phones. I feel like if I'm paying $1,000.00+ for a phone, then I should have one. Not having one doesn't make a phone feel more premium.
Danish Dhy
Danish Dhy 7 päeva tagasi
how much did you say "PRO"
Lucrative Stance
Lucrative Stance 7 päeva tagasi
It’s not a external recorder so it’s not really worth it.
Lucrative Stance
Lucrative Stance 7 päeva tagasi
Go under settings in the camera and go to hdmi display info check “ OF” and it’ll fill in the whole external screen with pure footage, and the lcd on the a7siii will stay on and touch screen on lcd /camera will work
2wheelphoto 7 päeva tagasi
as a broadcaster, looks like Sony just made my phone dreams come true....except the price, not that it isn't worth it, but rather, I'm broke. haha
glynn mitchell
glynn mitchell 7 päeva tagasi
HaHaHa!!! Getting some hate from Sony lovers Marques, but you're right Bro. Good vid.
kv0j 7 päeva tagasi
Cool phone! It would be cooler if there is a tablet with this functionality.
Silvasanu Andrei
Silvasanu Andrei 7 päeva tagasi
And look what a great idea Sony had to access the pictures on the device in case you don't turn on wi-fi! At Experia 1 II I spent a whole day cleaning its (original) spy software ... even now I'm not sure that the miracle phone works more for me than in favor of others on my money!
Zongye Huang
Zongye Huang 7 päeva tagasi
why not use type-C for all of these?
Bes G
Bes G 8 päeva tagasi
I think I'll stick with xiaomi.
Mehtap Karakuş
Mehtap Karakuş 8 päeva tagasi
Sagar Agarwal
Sagar Agarwal 8 päeva tagasi
Sony phones have serious hardware quality issues
Ben rockz
Ben rockz 8 päeva tagasi
Emily O'Neill
Emily O'Neill 8 päeva tagasi
I still have my Sony Xperia XZ which is about 4 1/2 years old and works pretty well, never had any repairs. So tbh I quite like Sony as a brand. Seems fairly reliable from experience.
Beespool 8 päeva tagasi
V20 was my dream phone in 2016.. Got it 4 years later for 100 bucks. See you in 4 yeara xperia 😂
AhVee 8 päeva tagasi
All you had to say was $2,500 and I’m outtyw
Eugene Lee
Eugene Lee 8 päeva tagasi
Wow I see thats the future!
GHOST 8 päeva tagasi
as much as i love sony phones and products....but the phone looks like a big ass tape recorder
Michael Edward
Michael Edward 8 päeva tagasi
This phone is definition of genius and sexy combined.
Miguel Henrique
Miguel Henrique 8 päeva tagasi
it's funny to see amercians going crazy over a $2k phone
Gialam vlogt
Gialam vlogt 8 päeva tagasi
@marques brownlee where did you buy the cover of the sony?
Sharan Doss
Sharan Doss 8 päeva tagasi
They just want to make us live our lives in style like 007 😜
misterPAINMAKER 8 päeva tagasi
If Sony produce a 16:9 new smartphone I will buy it for sure.
Austan Hall
Austan Hall 8 päeva tagasi
Totally love that they made the phone out of polly but I don't need any of those pro features and so its way to over priced so I won't be getting one hopefully there new line come made out of it
nice people
nice people 9 päeva tagasi
Gregory 9 päeva tagasi
1 question , does an hdmi and usbc dongle work with other phones? If so then this is way overpriced imo
LG Roots
LG Roots 9 päeva tagasi
You're crazy
Jani Akujärvi
Jani Akujärvi 9 päeva tagasi
This is actually SO cool!
Jani Akujärvi
Jani Akujärvi 9 päeva tagasi
So we finally have a camera with some slapped on phone functionality as an afterthought?
Shane House
Shane House 9 päeva tagasi
4,000 MaH battery is kinda lame
Dr. Strange
Dr. Strange 9 päeva tagasi
Sony phones do no work with Tmobile unfortunately
Everyone wears a mask
Everyone wears a mask 9 päeva tagasi
Seems like Sony has more engineers than designers or the engineers have more power than the designers.
RandomUnboxing 9 päeva tagasi
That phone is for PRO content creator.
Joshua Thorson
Joshua Thorson 9 päeva tagasi
I hope that polycarbonate coating gets used more if nothing else, if it feels anything like DSLRs then that would be awesome on a phone
jafet vargas
jafet vargas 9 päeva tagasi
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